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Purchase & Confirmation of Travel Products

AirBookCity will submit a "Reservation Request" through the airline's reservation system for your flight bookings to airlines, when you book a flight called for "Travel Product". AirBookCity will then process your application and send you a confirmation email upon confirmation of your reservation (e.g., when an itinerary has been ticketed). The "Confirmation Email booking" is nonetheless not a ticket confirmation. Please note that your reservation request may vary in rates and availability throughout the processing of your application. Your booking will not be finalized or until "Air BookCity" gives you an e-ticket confirmation. Your booking is not finished.

The "AirBookCity" may in some situations conclude that your tickets cannot be confirmed. The reason is:

  • Fare Change
  • Access to flight
  • Failed to confirm the reservation request
  • Flawed or incorrect information on payment
  • The refusal of a payment method involves the unlawful or fraudulent request for the reservation
  • Other difficulties may prevent your request from being fulfilled.
  • You will be notified in any event by AirBookCity. If "AirBookCity" cannot complete your application, we may recommend a travel option for you. But you are not obliged to buy such an alternative.

Credit Card billing

You might have several fees on your credit card statement since it might have been charged for numerous fees which do not surpass the total. For example - the airline costs (airline fare cost) MUST include an extra "AirBookCity" reservation service charge to handle your e-ticket. Example: All service charges may change at any time and the most recent changes cannot be shown here.

Ticket Policies, Rules, and Restrictions

  • Most tickets are reimbursable and non-transferable upon purchase. All service charges will not be reimbursed.
  • Changes in the name are not allowed. The prices do not include baggage and carry-on charges or other airline charges.
  • Until ticketing, tickets are not guaranteed. All changes are subject to availability, supplementary charges, airline restrictions, and conditions.
  • All travellers have to ensure that their needed travel papers are valid for your location and are current.


Useful Information for Travellers

Baggage Rules & Fees

There may be additional luggage charges. Click here for further information: baggage and carry-on charges. Since the luggage costs may vary, we advise that for the latest information on airline-special restrictions, luggage requirements, and taxes you contact the airline you are going on.

Baggage Rules & Fees



We will transmit your request to the airline if you have requested a seat to be assigned. Your application may or may not be confirmed by the airline. Sometimes airlines may not be able to allocate seats or seats together. Only at an airport check-in desk may seats be assigned sometimes.

Cancellation of Flights

The majority of tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable by 100 percent. In some circumstances when the airline cancels, we can process refunds with fewer airline fines. In other circumstances, we can process refunds. To learn the consequences, please call us or email us. Tickets must be cancelled/refunded by phoning our customer service centre before the planned time of departure of the first flight segment. The NO-SHOW Ticket In case is not 100 percent reimbursable.

Voluntary Flight Changes

Although most routes/tickets are subject to change, most of those change routes need the issuing of a new ticket, according to airline regulation. All modifications are subject to availability, airline restrictions and regulations, fines, and a distinction from the original flight and our costs. The airline is ultimately empowered to amend and impose fines.

Involuntary Changes (Changes done directly by the airline)

Airlines can modify a scheduled flight route beyond our control. If the airline tells us of a feasible choice, we shall send you an email with the amendments and the choice offered by the airline. If the airline as a valued client does not give us a feasible choice, one of our schedule change specialists will examine and assist you with your booking.

Baggage Rules & Fees

AirBookCity may take up to 3 weeks or more to process your refund depending on airline refund rules. When your reimbursement is finalized, it may take up to ten business days to place the credit on your Account and up to 2 billing cycles in some circumstances to reflect the loan on your account.

Your refund is processed according to the original payment method(s)

Your e-mail receipt for AirBookCity refunds will provide specifics on how and when you are going to get your refund.

If a charge from a third party (e.g. a low-cost airline, other providers) is shown on your credit card statement, you shall request a refund from the third party, not from AirBookCity. For refund schedules and associated inquiries, please contact the relevant third party.

Travel Protection Plan

If the travel protection plan has not previously been acquired, we suggest that you acquire our travel protection plan. The coverage you have acquired solely refers to the arrangements made through your protective plan on the Internet. By reading the Coverage Description, you should evaluate specific guidelines on the protective plan.

Valid Photo ID

An authentic I.D by the govt to board the planes must be submitted by all travellers. In general, children travelling in the home with their parents do not need I.D photography. A child's age may be required to confirm a birth certificate if travelling with children under the age of two (2) years.

Checking in for Domestic Flights (within the United States)

It's advisable to check-in for international flights at least three (3) hours before the planned departure time. If flying with children or require help boarding a plane, please leave additional time

Checking in for International Flights

You should check-in at least 3 hours before the planned departure time of the flight. If you travel with children or require help boarding an airplane, please allow additional time. NOTE: Airlines have the right to refuse customers boarding without appropriate time for check-in to reach the Ticket Counter or Departure Gate. For some towns and airlines, check-in times may vary, thus it is advisable to confirm with the airline that the check-in time is needed.

Passport / Visas

For foreign travel, proper travel documentation, including tickets, passports, visas, transit visas, Schengen visas, and any other entry permits, must be available for all passengers. You need to validate your passport 6 months from the date of return. It is the passenger's full obligation to arrange all paperwork required to enter or travel through the nation you are heading to. For certain foreign cities, a roundtrip or ticket may be necessary. If you are flying one way, please check with the airline or the general consulate to avoid problems when you board.

Operated by... (Flight number/details)

Please be aware that your flight schedule might include flights operated by a partner of the airline you fly on, called "CodeShare." This is why we urge you to check in and board your aircraft at the terminal of the airline. For instance, you may be expected to check-in at the Air Canada counter and the associated Air Canada gate with the flight number in your schedule, when in fact this trip can be "Business by Air Canada" The same would apply to other carriers as well.

Fare Changes

All tariffs may be modified before ticketing. In such exceptional instances, we retain the right, within three (3) working days, to advise you of any rule or change of fare. We absorb up to $25.00 per passenger for our highly esteemed clients in the difference of fare. If the fare difference is above $25,00, you will have the choice not to buy this ticket and will not charge your credit card.

Up-to-the-Minute Flight Details

Click on our My Booking Check page for information about your itinerary and the e-ticket status.