Following local government guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19, our agent are able to take calls from Office hours - Monday to Saturday ( Sunday Off ) EST 09:30 AM - 12:00 Pm EST 21:30 PM - 00:00 AM

Exceptional Services:  Special Meal, Drink, Seats for Frequent travellers:

It is to be noted that when special assistance for meals, drinks, updated or degraded seats are only for those flyers who request for them. A unique service is given by all the airlines to revise or change the seats. These requests are to be considered by the airlines and if possible it will be arranged or changed as requested. But, the airlines do not give surety to make it confirm as per the request. 
Our website offers time to time "Specials" services for our dear passengers. The terms and conditions for the special offers would be the same as those given on the normal offers. We will try to fulfill all your requests. 
Also, the payment in regard to the special services requested by you shall be agreed to due within a period of 72 days from the date of confirmation unless it has been consent by us for a later date in writing. In any circumstance, if you are not able to pay within 72 days, then all your requests will be cancelled before booking. We are not responsible if the passengers would suffer from any loss due to cancellation for the non-payment within 72 days.