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Privacy Policy:

This page is related to the privacy policies of the Airbookcity.com, it recommends that the privacy statements of our customers shall be confidential and it shall not demonstrate its commitment in any way. It is essential for you to understand what information we are collecting from you and what we should further do with it. Our privacy policy shall be extended only to the information gathered by Airbookcity.com and not from any other source. So, our privacy policy and terms of use is applied only to Airbookcity.com

Gathering Your Personal Information by us:

We will use only that portion of your personal information that you are giving to us whenever asked. For giving you services, it is also necessary for us to identify your personal background. 
For example: If you want to ask something from us, then you should sign-up and get weekly newsletters and notifications from Airbookcity.com. From here, you are said to provide some personal details like your name, contact no, email id, mailing address, etc. After entering all the details, you will be asked to accept our privacy policies and give us a valid consent to not disclose the personal details. But, if you want to hide your personal information from us and not agree to give such details, then you can step back from our website. We ensure you that we will not provide these details to any third-party or disclose it as per our terms and conditions. But, if some circumstances are raised that will put a question on our identity, then we will have to disclose it, notwithstanding anything contained in the privacy policies.  
By using these details we are able to give you assistance to your queries and will provide you further response for all the services given by us. For example, if you have given your contact number then we will send you an SMS or if you give an Email-id, immediate alerts will be sent to you for all the immediate alerts. 

You’re Email Address:

We will never want you to receive unwanted emails from us. We provide you only that email that is essential for you to know. The information that you asked for or the question raised by you will only is responded through our reply. You can also sign-up to our email newsletters. We will not sell or distribute your personal email id to any third party. Email addresses can be collected only for our website Airbookcity.com, its co-registration partners, marketing lists, and for further promotions. These parties are wholly and exclusively related to our website Airbookcity.com Users of this website will have to sign-up to the email newsletters to their own and verification will be sent to them. The email address and zip code replied to by you is very important for us. All the generally acceptable standard policies are abided by us to protect your personal information from any unwanted or illegal means. Our platform is 100% secure for you and there are no chances of transmission over the internet or any other electronic stage. We will ensure you use your personal data only for commercial purposes. 

Entrance to your Personal Information:

If you no longer want to avail our services or if your email address changes or is lost, then you can change, update, or deactivate it. It can be done through our Contact Us page. 

Spreading Cookies:

The website uses cookies in your device to provide you with better services. By this we can improve navigation and make product relevance information from this site. But, it will depend on you if you accept your browser to accept our access through the medium of cookies. Doesn’t worry if you disable the acceptance then you can easily use our website. For more information about cookies, visit cookiecentral.com.

Appearance of Third-Party:

Airbookcity.com does not allow third-party to sell its products or services on this site, or does not allow you to purchase any services from third-party but it can direct you to a third-party website. From this site, your personal information will be collected including your payment mode. These sites have their own privacy policies which will govern you about their sites and the manner in which personal information will be shared. 

Third-Party Advertisement:

Sometimes, the other advertisement banners will be appearing on this website from our behalf. In this process, the third-party may recognize your personal information and use cookies on your browser. 

Business Transfer:

Every business wants to expand and continue to develop it. We are also moving in the same way. So, we need to sell our certain business assets or entities. In such transactions, the user information will be transferred as like our business assets. In such circumstances, your personal information will be shared to a third-party subject to such terms and conditions accepted by you. 

Immediate Alerts 

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