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Frequently Asked Questions

How about the erroneous date and time I taped?
Most airlines enable us to modify the dates and time of the booking. Please call the help desk on the Toll-Free number to make any changes to the reservation and the airline fines and restrictions will be checked for your particular ticket

How about typing in the wrong airport?
Most airlines enable us to modify the airports for booking departure and arrival. Please call the help desk on the Toll-Free number to make any changes to the reservation and the airline fines and restrictions will be checked for your particular ticket

How about typing the incorrect name(s)?
For no reason may names on a reservation be modified or changed. On a Toll-Free number, you may call the help desk and our agents will verify with the airlines whether any modifications are possible.

How can I get in touch with an advisor?
For assistance with your flying reservation, please call our free line. We provide our client service staff 24x7, 365 days. You may also contact support@airbookcity.com via email with your questions, remark, or concerns

How can I add more passengers to an existing booking?
You can contact our free toll number to assist in adding more passengers to an existing booking. We provide our customer service team 24x7, 365 days.

Can a youngster visit your website by themselves? Or can I book an Unaccompanied Minor reservation on your site?
Unaccompanied minors are regarded as children under the age of 18 who are alone. Each airline has its own laws and restrictions on unaccompanied kids' bookings. Contact us on our free toll hotline for reservations for unaccompanied kids.

What regulations apply to travelling with a child or a child under 2 years of age?
For domestic travel: a youngster from 0-24 months is considered to be a kid. You can travel without an extra fee with your child in the lap. Most airlines propose you buy a seat for the baby to provide comfort and safety in the journey. The full adult charge applies to children occupying a seat. Evidence of age (for example a birth certificate or passport) may be required to be presented to any youngster at the airport.

For detailed laws and restrictions on kid safety seats/scouts/basinet information, please see the airline website. For foreign journeys, for each child, whether it is in a lap or a separate seat, a separate ticket is necessary. The airline may provide a lower child ticket depending on the location. Please note that most child tickets purchased on our website are paper tickets. There will be a delivery cost of $19 in the United States or $38 in Canada. Only billing addresses may be delivered with tickets.You may also book the child ticket straight from the airline and purchase it. The accompanying details of the adult ticket should be provided to them. Some airlines have distinct policies and policies on children. For their unique rules and restrictions, we highly recommend you check the airline's website.

If an adult is 2 babies, only one baby may be taken up by the adult. An extra seat must be bought on the adult fare for the second child. The number of babies per adult is a maximum of 2. Please visit the TSA website at: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/children/index.htm for airport security information specific to travel with children.

How can I get in touch with airlines?
For a list of global airlines please visit our contact page to give free, toll-free telephone numbers. You can also check the website of the airlines for help.

Why does it indicate a flight or cost and then cannot be booked?
Inventory of airlines changes often, and airfares thus continue to fluctuate. You may have a modification of the pricing and problems completing your booking from the moment you first choose a flight choice until the day you finalize a ticket. You are invited to contact our Help Desk to book your trip on our free Toll number.

Why was a "Validation Error" in my book attempt?
If an error message is received the airline cannot confirm the required flight at the fare indicated as a consequence of frequent modification of the airline's inventory.

How can I withdraw my booking?
We provide exceptional prices that are not reimbursable primarily. On our Free Toll Number, you may call our assistance desk, and airline fines and ticket rules will be checked by the professionals. Once you decide to withdraw your reservation you are subject to the "Cancelation Terms" as out by the airlines

How can I reserve several destinations?
Itinerary rates for several places may be seen on our website. To book your itinerary, please click on the 'Multi-city on the 'Flight Search' page.

How can I choose/change assignments for seats?
After your reservation was ticked on all the appropriate flights, seat numbers are automatically allocated. If you wish to alter your seats or to choose a seat, please call our helpdesk or contact the airlines directly on our Free Toll number. Please see the Airline Contact page for a list of global airline telephone numbers.

How can I demand a meal?
You will notice a section where you may order a customized meal at the moment of booking a reservation. The application will be forwarded to the airline and requested on all relevant flights. Although we may submit your meal request to the individual airlines, we cannot ensure that the request is complied with.

You can contact the airline directly if you desire to modify your food choice. Please see the Airline Contact page for a list of global airline telephone numbers.

Can I use an aeroplane ticket or an online voucher?
To purchase a flight ticket on our Website, we cannot accept vouchers or coupons as part or whole payments. You should contact the airline you are issuing directly. Please see the Airline Contact page for a list of global airline telephone numbers.

Process of payment
How can I pay for any goods that I have ordered online, such as flying tickets, insurance, hotels, etc?

The valid US or Canadian credit or debit card is the payment method that is accepted for online buying. Debit cards can be utilized but usually subject to low daily restrictions that might lead to a rejection of the payment process. The following major credit card models are accepted: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club. Tickets cannot be purchased online if you do not have a valid credit card. For purchasing a ticket at a specific reservation, only one card may be used.

You will have to provide payment card details and have this authenticated information before issuing a ticket or final confirmation to finish the purchasing procedure. If the information supplied by the credit card is not legitimate, an error will be created and you will be sent an email (at the e-mail address indicated by you). To maintain your reservation, you must phone the Help Desk on our Toll-Free number, which will supply you with proper payment card information, otherwise, the reservation can be revoked, within 24 hours of making a reservation. Please note that we do not control airlines returning their seats from the unticked booking without notification for inventory considerations. Most card rejects stem from faulty information such as the transfer of card digits to the website, incorrect security code or expiry date, or conflicting names on the card and address. You may remedy these difficulties by just phoning the help desk and updating the data you have entered.

Can I use a debit card payment for the ticket?
We accept Visa or Mastercard branded debit cards however credit cards are preferable. Debit cards usually have a smaller daily expenditure restriction that may make it complicated to buy a ticket online. You must contact your Bank before you buy it is highly suggested that the daily expenditure limit meet ticket costs (s). You may buy tickets online, please notify them. This can also prevent you from getting placed on your account under a security block. Please also note that debit cards have a tighter screening for fraud that may lead to confirmation delays. You will be alerted by e-mail if for any reason the card is not accepted. To solve difficulties, please be aware that you have to contact your bank. When the full payment is not received the airlines are entitled to lapse the fee and cancel the reservation.

Do you accept credit cards that have been pre-loaded?
However, we accept most prepaid credit cards. The use of a normal credit card is strongly recommended. Debit or credit cards can be used for the bank's processing time, flexibility and capability.

Is the pricing entirely in US dollars?
All the fares in US Dollars have been published. All our prices are given in US dollars, as shown on our homepage. We accept Canadian credit/debit cards and after our pricing quotation has been converted from US Dollars, the actual costs on your Canadian return will be in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate of the currency might differ since it is dependent on the conversion rate tool of your credit card provider when your charge is executed.

Do you take credit/debit cards from Canada?
Yeah, we accept payment using Canadian credit/debit cards. The sum will be translated into Canadian dollars, which are shown in your accounting statements. The exchange rate of the currency might differ since it is dependent on the conversion rate tool of your credit card provider when your charge is executed.

Have I got a credit card that is non-US, non-Canadian, may I use it?
Air Book City just began enabling the payment for specific itineraries using credit cards issued outside the US/Canada. Some provisions apply and extra charges are collected in even uncommon circumstances. If Air Book City requires specific documentation and/or charges a price, you will be prompted on the website before you agree to buy and click. Please contact our Free Number or email us: support@airbookticket.com if you have any more queries.

Why did they deny my credit card?
A card might be refused for several reasons. Inadequate funding, low daily expenditure, failed verification of billing addresses and Internet filtering might be part of some challenges.

Please be aware that in most circumstances the airline will only allow for 24 hours before the expiry of the ticket and cancellation of the request. If your card is refused, you will be alerted and you have to contact the company of credit cards to resolve the situation. Use our Help Desk 24x7 to complete your ticket after the problem has been fixed.

Is there a service charge to buy my ticket on the website?
Yeah, when you search online for a flight, your ultimate total includes all service charges and taxes. To get a breakdown of the various sums creating your final total and the amount charged to your card, click "Taxes/fees"

Why does my credit card have various charges?
For accounting reasons, you will see different charges on your credit/debit card. But if all monies are combined, the ultimate amount you agreed to pay online will not be exceeded.

Confirmation and ticketing process reservation
How can I check/confirm my booking?
You will receive a reservation reference code after completing your online inquiry. There is a code of 6 characters which consists either of letters and numbers or just of letters. By visiting our information pages, you can follow the status of your application. If you just have letters on your code, please visit http://www.virtuallythere.com. Please see http://www.checkmytrip.com if you have both letters and numbers. The airline will get a second and final email confirming your request when your tickets have been completely approved and issued.

What if I did not receive My Booking Reference Code confirmation email?
Once you've finished your online request, you'll receive an e-mail with a booking number acknowledging your request. You may not have entered your email correctly or your email server redirected your email to a spam/junk bin if you do not get it in a few minutes. If you don't receive an email after you have requested your service, you should phone our Help Desk on our free line.

If I lost my journey or I need a duplicate of my route, what should I do?
If you require a copy of your itinerary, you can print it with the following instructions on your booking reference code: A 6-character code, either made up of letters and digits or just letters, is your reference code. If your code has only letters and you will have both letters and numbers, you will be able to visit http://www.virtuallythere.com/ and to publish your code from there, both letters and numbers will be sent to you.

I have a confirmed reservation with at least two airlines. Why aren't you able to provide me with a ticket?
Certain airlines do not have any agreements with each other for ticketing and/or baggage transfers, which makes it impossible for your airline to confirm and tick the itinerary you have chosen. If this case occurs, your application will be canceled and your card will not be charged.You can then return online to pick a different route or phone our free service hotline.

Do I have a paper or electronic booking ticket?
Our system has been configured to issue e-tickets automatically. If owing to technical reasons, the airline refuses an e-ticket, we will inform you within 24 hours of your booking. If you accept paper tickets, an extra shipping cost from FedEx will apply to your total fee. You may call our Help Desk at our free Toll number if you are worried about a paper ticket.

Questions regarding the journey
How can I travel by ticket?
Electronic tickets make it easier for travellers  to avoid any concern about loss or theft of paper tickets. You are needed to bring picture identification provided by the government (such as a driver's permit or a passport) to the airport for check-in.

Some airlines may enable online check-in and print up to 24 hours in advance of your pass. To proceed with a security situation, passengers need to have a printed boarding card and those who have no boarding passes must go before passing the security checkpoint to an airline ticket counter.

How do children require identification at the airport?
Passengers under 18 years of age do not need to be identified for domestic travel in the U.S. Adults responsible for the kid at the airport of departure and the airport of arrival must, however, be identified. Although airlines generally don't provide the necessary identification for the adult who drops or catches a kid, a picture identification of the same sort that an adult uses for traveling by plane and/or a valid birth certificate should suffice.

What are the regulations for single unaccompanied minors?
Most airlines allow unaccompanied minors, generally with many limitations at or above a specific age, to fly. Programs differ from airline to airline and there will be no two carriers with the same policies, therefore we propose that you call us on our free tax hotline for guidance or make direct bookings for unaccompanied kids with the airline.It is crucial in the US that you take time to research the particular airline restrictions and make your reservation afterward and that there are no clearly defined rules for non-accompanied youngsters.

Why do I need airports to change?
Itineraries often entail a transfer from one airport to another, for example, EWR or JFK in New York City, when some airlines are out of flight from one airport to another. The change in airports takes place at the expense of the traveller himself and demands that the passenger pick their bags up and move to the next airport and check-in at the next planned airline. Most routes including an airport change are usually priced less, and so it is available on the website as a possible alternative.

What are the national and international flight check-in procedures?

Be aware that while packing, there is only one basic carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a bag, laptop, compact book-type backpack, or a short case available under the new Federal regulations of carrying on bags.
Travelers must not lock their checked bags by the Transportation Security Administration. The locks will be removed by security if your sac is locked and the bag has to been inspected. Customers who have checked luggage on the same aircraft as their controlled bags must apply new federal guidelines on security.  Please verify that your name is on the exterior and inside of each bag if your bags are checked. You should be at the airport 90 minutes before departure when you check luggage for a domestic trip. If you have merely baggage, aim to arrive 60 minutes before departure. It is advisable to arrive at least two hours before departure for foreign flights. All travelers require their passports for foreign flights.
Please always have your identification ID provided by the Government and a paper itinerary handy if you are using an electronic ticket.

Tips for travel
How can I find out more about current airport delays?
How do I obtain additional information on foreign travel planning and preparation? For travel advisories and nation warnings, see the US Department of State website. Check with the Disease Management and Prevention Centres at: 1-877-FYI-TRIP (2-1-877-394-8747); fax 1-888-CDC-FAXX (1-888-232-3299). Or visit the Traveller Health CDC Web page for pre-trip vaccines, health warnings, and health suggestions for healthy traveling.

How do I obtain additional information on foreign travel planning and preparation?
In almost 160 major cities worldwide, there are US embassies. A consular department is available for each embassy. In the consular departments of embassies, consular employees accomplish two things:

They grant foreigners visas
They serve US Americans overseas with a passport replacement, medical emergencies, access to temporary funding, aid while detained, and evacuations. See US Emergency Help in a foreign nation for more particular nation information. Replace a Passport - A consul can provide a replacement for you, frequently within 24 hours, if you lose your passport. If you feel your passport was taken, please tell the local police first of the incident and receive a police statement. Find Medical Assistance- You may contact the consular officer, along with further medical information, for a list of local physicians, dentists, and medical experts. Injured or extremely unwell, your family or friends will be informed by a consul to help you receive medical attention on your request. (Take into account the high costs of returning you to the USA, for healthcare in case of medical urgency, before you travel, of having private medical insurance).

Help Get Funds - Consular officials can help you to contact your family, bank, or employer to organize for them to give you money if all your money and other financial resources are lost. In some situations, you can send these amounts via the State Department. 

Emergency assistance—Your family might have to come to you because of an emergency at home, or because they worry about your health. You should call the Overseas Citizens' Services state department at 1-888-407-4747. In the nation in which you traveled, the State Department will forward the message to the consulate agents. Consular personnel will try to find you, transmit urgent communications, and report back to your family, following the Privacy Act. This will be accomplished by registering your travel through trip registration with the US State Department.

Visit In Jail- You should ask the authorities to advise a consul of the United States if you are jailed. You cannot be released from prison by Consuls (when you are in a foreign country you are subject to its laws). They can nonetheless endeavor to safeguard your legitimate interests and guarantee that you don't suffer discrimination. You can give a list of local lawyers, visit you and tell your relatives and friends generally about local legislation. Consular agents can send your family or friends' money, food, and clothes to jail officials. If you are kept in cruel or unhealthy conditions, you can strive to gain relief.

Do I have to register my travel with the Department of State?
Oh, yeah! When an emergency occurs or if you suffer from natural disasters, terrorism, or civic unrest on your overseas journey, your source of support and information might be the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. You may help your embassies or consulates to find you if you need them most by registering your travel. Registration is voluntary and does not cost anything, but it should be an important element of your travel preparation and safety. To register your travel you go to the U.S. Department of State Travel Registration.

How do I discover additional information when going overseas about emergency services and telephone numbers?
It is crucial to know while going abroad how to get in touch with emergency services in your country. A partial list of emergency numbers selected is shown below. See World Guide for a more comprehensive list of numbers.

Current Regulations
What are the current safety requirements for liquid, gel, and aerosol transportation?
Please visit the Transportation Security Administration website at TSA Carry on Requirements for the current security regulations for liquids, gels, and aerosols in carry-on luggage.

What are the current safety rules for child travel?
Please visit the Transportation Security Administration webpage at TSA: Traveling with Children for the current security rules on travel with infants and milk, formula, or juice carriages.

What are the current safety rules for disabled travellers?
Please visit the website of the Transportation Security Administration at TSA: Travelers with special needs for the current security rules regarding traveling with disabilities and medical problems.

What objects are not allowed to carry on an aircraft and if a forbidden item is identified, what happens?
Please visit the Transportation Security Administration Website on TSA: Forbidden Objects for the current safety standards about items that are prohibited from being taken on an aircraft.

How do I know secure information is?
Our website protects your confidentiality and security. We are Geo-Trust certified.

How can I know the best bargain I get?
Our price-match promise is a pleasure! We will match or reimburse you for the lesser pricing within 24 hours. There are restrictions.