Following local government guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19, our agent are able to take calls from Office hours - Monday to Saturday ( Sunday Off ) EST 09:30 AM - 12:00 Pm EST 21:30 PM - 00:00 AM


All refunds/future airlines are governed by the regulations, processes, and regulations for each airline's fare. All service costs are not refundable after the booking and might be modified without notice. Taxes and fees taxed by the government may fluctuate and only the final total amount as displayed will be levied. The maximum number of tickets cannot be reimbursed. As though the ticket supplier allows for cancellation and refunds and we have accepted a refund request for you, you are not a 'No show' (the majority of 'No Show' reservation is not eligible for any kind of refund processing waiver from the supplier), and when we can ensure that suppliers are exempt from the process of cancelling and refunding the requests.

After 24 hours after bookings, most airline tickets and service costs cannot be reimbursed. Only telephone or email must be cancelled. The time for the processing of the requested reimbursement does not apply for a specified period. When you have submitted your cancellation request to our Customer Service Agent, the email from the service agent will notify you of having received your cancellation request. This refund/cancelation does not allow you to be reimbursed automatically. Only a confirmation of your request is sent in this email

We will work with the airline on your refund request to establish an airline-based waiver and to inform you about the decision of the airline. We cannot reimburse our services. For the receipt of reimbursements, we are fully dependent on the airline. It can take time to reflect on your bank statement once the refund is processed and approved by the airline.

The complete refund procedure might take 30-60 days from the day on which the refund application is received. The airline charges a refund penalty. All refund costs are collected on a ticket basis per person. The fees are only assessed if the airline's reimbursement or waiver is authorized and the airline regulations enable such reimbursements.