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Top 7 safest countries to travel post-pandemic


You can now start exploring the beauty of Europe with all the safety precautions under the European Commission's minute supervision. You must have heard that many countries have already lifted their bands on the internal border crossing. Others are getting prepared for intercontinental openings by maintaining all the recommendations of the Commission.


Apart from that, travel enthusiasts want to visit places beyond their respective borders and wait for countries to accept them with open arms.

So you can get ready to enjoy your summer holiday session, albeit with some limitations, especially for those countries battling this pandemic.

We have rounded up the top 7 safest countries to travel post-pandemic for all the trouble enthusiasts out there. The most loved website for travel buffs,, has already started accepting bookings for flights and hotels. So without wasting time, let's check out some of the best places to visit.

1. Greece

History buffs should add Greece to their bucket list for the great mix of natural wonders starting from Athens to Santorini. After spending 2 to 3 nights in Athens, you can hit the islands and enjoy the amazing beach restaurants and scenic beauty in Santorini. Don't shun Mykonos Island at the end.

2. Italy

Italy is already listed in the top searches of Google when it comes to post-pandemic travel. No matter how many times you have witnessed this place's beauty, you will always get a new area to explore. This time don't miss Puglia available at the tip of the boot. Its miles of the awe-striking Mediterranean coast and whitewashed towns never fail to impress visitors.

3. The British Virgin Islands

This one is the most eco-friendly and idyllic place that has already introduced three wind turbines that allow this disposal island to run off renewable energy. Enjoy this sailor's paradise full of scheduled beaches, breathtaking sceneries, mountaineers islands, and pristine waters. Enjoy your socially distanced holiday with your special someone.

4. New Zealand

Here is another surpassing destination for sustainable travel. Will you believe if we say you can experience all four seasons within just one day in this place? Yes, you heard it right! This amazing place holds numerous isolated escapes and great appeal of significant outdoors. Don't forget to check out the air tickets.

5. Pari

If you have already started fantasizing about the city of light after watching Emily in Paris, then it's time to visit this irresistible place. You will to mesmerized with stylish boutiques and charming shops and jewel boxes apart from the famous Eiffel tower. It should be added to your bucket list.

6. Egypt

Egypt is popular for world's largest archaeological museum that is the Grand Egyptian Museum, close to the famous Great Pyramids. So if you are an ancient history lover and have a passion for exploring the world's antiquities, Egypt should be your next preferred post-pandemic destination.

7. Qatar

This Arab country will impress you with its beautiful landscapes, from deserts to beautiful beaches, and its fascinating culture. Explore Doha sky-scraping capital and one of the prime spots to travel. Its glamorous hotels have managed to snitch the name of the richest country on earth. The best part is the airline of this country also helps to attract travel enthusiasts.

Take-home advice

People have faced a lot of things in 2020. So we should put the best effort into making 2021 the best year. That is why offers you the best hotels with cheap air tickets without any hidden cost. Therefore, if you intend to visit the best Android best places in the world after the pandemic, start booking your tickets now.