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Five mysterious places to visit in the US


Traveling to beaches, islands, and mountains having thick ground is no great shake. So, drop the box of ordinary, and zest up your vaycay at the mysterious places in the US. The world within the world, which is unexplainable or preferably tagged mysterious, is mind-boggling. 

The universe is still unexplored, and even the greatest and wisest minds of science could not get to the bottom of several mysteries. Suspicious places are often adjoined by paranormal activities, but there is something beyond spoof, places that are not haunted but mysterious in their way. Here is a list of the top five places every mystery lover must know and explore in the US.

1. Mount Shasta, Redding, California

Who isn't familiar with California? Well, perhaps it's all of us. Mount Shasta in California famed for its beauty and eloquently for its mysteries. The sight is the first rigid preference of every mystery lover. 

Mount Shasta is a hub of cosmic powers, UFO, crystal caves, and what not. Native Americans believe in spirits flourishing in the mountain peaks and claim to catch a glimpse of Lemurians-people of an ancient race. Although, the scientific explanation hasn't got the nitty-gritty yet. 

It would be fantastic if you explore the beauty and mystery together in one place. So, book your tickets and sling your hooks to hunt over Mount Shasta.

2. Eternal flame falls, Chestnut Ridge Park, New York