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Countries reopening for tourism: The updated list 2020


Each year, travel enthusiasts hunt for the best places to visit in the coming months. But this year, the situation is completely different. According to the infection rates, the fluctuating travel restrictions are getting into the nerves of travel freaks.

But here is the good news. This monotonous situation will soon end because many countries have started opening their doors for international travelers while some places still remain off-limits.

As a result, vacation bookings have started once again. So start planning for far-flung international trips. According to, people have started planning their trips already because they know the demand will become high, especially for popular destinations worldwide.

Here is a quick round-up of the updated list of some of the demanding countries reopening for tourism.


This country has been working on two schemes. The first one is known as "Safe And Sealed." This is quite an interesting idea. You will be able to spend some quality time in quarantine at a beautiful beach resort in Phuket for 14 days. A test will be done when you enter the resort and after two weeks as well. If you are found negative, you will be allowed to travel throughout this breathtaking island without any restriction.

The next scheme is visitors can avail a long-term visa for a short-term holiday. You must be wondering how! Well, visitors will be allowed to stay for 14 days and travel around everywhere in the country by winning their visa twice, both within 90 days of a period. But you have to show proof to enjoy this state-approved facility.

South Africa has already opened its door on 1st October for visitors with certain conditions. First of all, visitors have to have a less than 72 hours old Sars-CoV-2 test report. Second, they should hold an application of government contact-notification.

Three airports are welcoming foreign travelers right now. These are King Shaka, Cape Town International, and Johannesburg. On the other hand, overland travelers can access border posts. These were open during the lockdown as well.

The infection rate of South Africa is 18.5 per 100000 people.


The airlines between Mexico and Chile have already been opened up on 1st October. This particular route has the Tred Bloc (Pacific Alliance) with Colombia. Peru has already started a discussion with Spain, Brazil, and the US regarding visitors' health conditions to reopen different air routes. So if you are planning to witness the beauty of Peru, you may have to submit a negative report within a week of your arrival.

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